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Feldioara stronghold to open at end of June following four years of rehabilitation


Feldioara stronghold will open again at the end of June, after four years of rehabilitation works, the mayor of the commune, Sorin Taus declared on Thursday in a press conference.

The rehabilitation of Feldioara stronghold, a project initiated by the County Council in 2013, will be completed by the end of June. This objective had to be rehabilitated and besides the stronghold we also have other important monuments - the 13th century Evangelical Church, the Fortified Church from Rotbav and the German students’ monument should be all included on a national tourism map. We created a tourism strategy considering all these objectives, to which we should add the Orthodox Church, so we are talking about a rich patrimony which should be turned to account. The number of tourists will grow in Feldioara”, the mayor said.

A document since 1439 shows that Feldioara inhabitants built a stronghold at great expense and effort.

In 1225 Teutonic knights were expelled by the Hungarian chancellery but there was a flourishing village called Merienburg by the Germans and Foldvar by Hungarians and Feldioara by the Romanians. The second Turkish invasion in Tara Barsei in 1432 produced important damages and losses and the stronghold was repaired 25 years later.

Feldioara has known dramatic episodes in history. In 1529, the Hungarian king Ioan Zapolya’s partisans fought against Ferdinand Habsburg. Petru Rares won the battle.

In 1612, the stronghold was occupied by prince Gabriel Bathory and attacked by Michael Weiss, the leader of Brasov who wanted to free it. In the attack, 39 students from Johannes Honterus high school in Brasov died fighting to free Feldioara. In the early 20th century the locals built the Brasov students’ monument in their memory.

County authorities and local representatives decided to rehabilitate Feldioara stronghold.