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HealthMin Tataru: Two difficult weeks ahead, with progressive rise in Covid cases


Health Minister Nelu Tataru declared that two weeks of "progressive increase" in COVID-19 infection cases will follow, and that work is meanwhile underway to adapt the hospitals in the affected areas, but also in the neighboring counties to be able to treat the infected patients.

"Since July 3, with the law's coming into force, we have resumed this titanic effort of identifying, diagnosing, isolating, quarantining or putting people into home isolation. We are now in the weeks of illness development for the nearly 4,000 patients who refused hospitalization or requested discharge in the almost three weeks [of legislative void]. We have two difficult weeks ahead during which we will see a progressive increase in the number of cases. It falls on us, as a health system, as a Ministry, as a government, to adapt the existing health facilities, the intensive care beds and the equipment, to the numbers we see every day in intensive care, to patient inflows at emergency reception wards," Tataru declared on Thursday in Sibiu.

According to the minister, the hospitals in the counties neighboring those with many coronavirus cases are also being adjusted to be able to treat infected patients. Tataru also said that if the prevention measures are observed, a flattening of the case numbers will be possible in two or three weeks.



Friday, July 31, 2020