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Political analysts about the current political crisis

Currently, the Social Democratic Party (PSD, major at rule) proves that it cannot keep a Prime Minister more than six months, regardless of the proposal Liviu Dragnea is going to submit to the Cotroceni Palace (presidential seat, ed. n.), increasing the leverage of President Iohannis regarding the nomination of the future head of the Executive, analyst Petre Magdin told Agerpres.

"This way, one of the fundamental mantras of the party is affected, namely that the PSD is the party of organisation, discipline and stability. Apart from this, no matter the proposal of Liviu Dragnea for PM to surrender to Cotroceni, be they Mr. Stanescu or Mr. Fifor, or another black swan, the leverage of president Iohannis grows higher as regards the future PM's nomination," Magdin said.

As for the early elections' possibility, the analyst says "chances are scarce, simply because the majority in the Parliament is comfortable, and the Opposition so far is not aggregated and organised around a unifying, coherent project."

Political analyst Cristian Parvulescu considers that the current political crisis ushered in by "forcing" another prime minister's resignation is the expression of a "localist" vision that places "the party's and a political leader's personal interests" over national and European interests.

"The government operates by other rules than the party, and whoever takes over as PM, if he attempts to exercise his constitutional responsibilities, will come in conflict with the party because the governing priorities are different, there's a different level of approach and relating, the PM inevitably works with his foreign counterparts and is bound to reference to the European scale and context, and therefore is fated to get in conflict with the interests of a party dominated by local coteries and which has difficulty in developing a national vision, let alone one at local level," Parvulescu told Agerpres.

In his opinion, what is surprising is the massive vote of "59 to 4" to withdraw support to the premier, which thus restores the authority of PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea that had been lately "dented by confrontations with Mihai Tudose."

According to Parvulescu, PSD "affords the luxury" of changing the Premier twice in one year, but thus triggers "a chronic governing instability" in Romania.

"On the other hand, one must set everything in context, as ever since 2008 no prime minister has carried through a complete four-year term, not even Boc or Ponta, who served the longest terms, did not make it any further than three years and the other prime ministers all have been in office for less than one year, currently ending up with half-a-year term. This is a grave instability that is the consequence of PSD's internal issues. With this crisis that nobody wants to acknowledge, two logics have been laid bare: the party logic and the governing logic," the analyst explained.

Premier Mihai Tudose on Monday night has tendered his resignation from office, the paper being due to be put forward to the Presidential Administration on Tuesday, informs a release by the gov't .