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President Iohannis urges gov't to less arguing, more dialogue


 President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday urged the members of the government to have less arguing and more dialogue, less political passion and more responsibility, less pride and more co-operation, saying that the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic should be their utmost priory.

"The governing coalition went through a difficult time. Any alliance in which several political forces work together faces such challenges. We must not treat this episode as anything other than a situation in which the coalition and the government had to deal with a challenge, and the response, beyond some less inspired statements, was a good one. Coalition leaders have shown maturity and responsibility and I am confident that they will continue to remain equally united. Dialogue was the key to breaking the deadlock in a balanced way. That was and should remain the most important objective of all the decision makers," Iohannis said at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

He added that now is not the time to intensify political disputes or pride on any side.

"The vote received from the citizens just a few months ago compels us all to act mature and responsible. In any democratic party, especially in a governing coalition, there are differences of vision and effervescent debates on how to approach issues. That is not only natural, but it is desirable, because only through clashes of ideas can the most correct and effective solutions for people be found," said the head of state.

The president mentioned that the differences in approaches must never deviate from the essential objective - the protection of the citizen.

"I am urging the government to less arguing and more dialogue, less political passion and more responsibility, less pride and more co-operation. In short, I am urging them to prioritise the citizen's agenda. Only this way can the members of the government sit at the same table regardless of initial opinions, in order to find the best solutions that meet the expectations of Romanians. People want politicians who get involved and who take on projects, who do not seek excuses, who do not always blame others and victimise themselves. The ministers' mission is to solve crises, at the same time with preparing important reforms, and avoid new crises," Iohannis also said.


În his opinion the changes made in Government were correct, referring to the sacking of Vlad Voiculescu from the position of Minister of Health.

"Regarding certain falling out within the Government, you certainly watched the events carefully. There were some less than happy statements from both parties (...) Regarding the protocol, they negotiated a form of political understanding, which does not cut anyone's attributes. The coalition partners came to an agreement for deepening the consultation modality. This is good. In any coalition it is good for these collaboration rules to be well thought out and executed well. I am convinced that, as of now, the coalition will work better. (...) And the changes made in Government were correct," Klaus Iohannis stressed.

He pointed out that the current majority is the best option for Romania.

"We have an obligation to find together ways to deliver on the promised reforms. Those reforms must never be abandoned, no matter who holds one portfolio or another: state reform, strengthening health and education systems, restarting the economy under projects that create new jobs especially for those affected by the pandemic, investment in major public projects. All these are the big issues around which the government should coalesce. Only this way can we build Romania following this great crisis generated by the pandemic," Iohannis added.