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PSD motion of censure succeeds, Citu gov't dismissed

Parliament on Tuesday passed a motion of censure initiated by the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD).

The vote was 281 to nil out of 281 cast. 318 lawmakers were in attendance. The lawmakers of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and of the national minorities did not vote.

It would have taken 234 ayes for the motion to succeed.

"Parliament is hereby voting for the motion of censure thus withdrawing its confidence in the government by the decision of the Romanian Parliament no. 31 of 2020. Under article 110 (4) in the Constitution, the government whose term of office ceases shall continue to fulfill only the acts required for the administration of public affairs, until the members of the new government take the oath," announced Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Ludovic Orban. 


According to the Law on Government organization and functioning, the Citu Cabinet will continue to carry out only actions with individual or normative character needed for the administration of public matters, without promoting new policies, until the new government members take the oath. During this period of time the government cannot issue orders and initiate draft laws.


In parallel, article 103 of the Constitution establishes that the president of Romania appoints a candidate for the position of prime minister after consulting the party with absolute majority in Parliament or the parties represented in Parliament.  The candidate for the position of premier will ask, in 10 days since being appointed, the vote of confidence in Parliament on the government program and full list. 


The program and list are debated by the Chamber of Deputies and Senate in joint session. Parliament grants confidence to government with the majority vote of deputies and senators.


Once the new government is sworn in in front of president Iohannis, it can start its activity.