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PSD, Tudose agree on reshuffling: CexN PSD to decide the list of ministers to be targeted by the reshuffle


A decision regarding the relations between the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and the Government, but also regarding the list of ministers to be targeted by the reshuffle will be taken in the statutory forum, namely in the National Executive Committee (CExN) of the party, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea announced on Tuesday. 

"I had a pretty clarifying discussion with Mr Prime Minister. He presented several measures that we must take in order not to have problems in what the governing programme means and what the enforcement of the governing programme means. Of course it was not a statutory discussion. We will discuss these things in CExN. (...) Moreover, we have talked about the budget draft and about other financial measures. I believe that the budget for the next year that comprises all the measures in the programme is a good budget, balanced and with bigger provisions in areas where we are interested in," PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea announced. 

The PM revealed that the Tuesday's talk, at the PSD headquarters, was a long one, that wasn't attended only by two persons. 

"It was decided and I agreed for the final decision to be made in the statutory forum, the CExN for instance. On Thursday we convene, when we get back from Craiova, on the following clear directions: the relationship between the Gov't and the party, starting for the premise that the Gov't is a political gov't, but the level of involvement of certain structures of the party in the governmental activity should be clarified. We established together the reshuffle-reshuffled persons area. We won't make you happy now by giving you the names and proposal, and portfolios, but only after the CExN," the head of the Executive stated.

National Liberal Party leader Ludovic Orban on Tuesday announced that he is currently considering the initiation of a censure motion if Prime Minister Mihai Tudose does not remove ministers currently facing a range of problems. 

"We urge Prime Minister Tudose to stop playing the brave on television, to stop voting in the Social Democratic Party's Executive Committee for keeping in place the ministers facing criminal charges and we urge him to initiate, for this is his constitutional duty, without the need to ask for permission from Dragnea [PSD leader], to remove, evacuate from the Government by using the emergency stairs, the ministers facing problems, regardless if these are legal problems, plagiarism-related problems or illiteracy and huge incompetence. In case he won't do that and he won't remove these ministers from the Government, we take into account the initiation of a censure motion," Orban stated after the meeting of the Executive Bureau of PNL, taking place at Parliament