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Romania’s contribution to the EU budget will be in 2022 – 12.8 billion lei

Romania’s contribution to the budget of the European Union will be in 2022 of 12.878 billion lei, and in 2023 it will increase to 13.126 billion lei and in 2024 to 13.376 billion lei, according to the project regarding the Fiscal Budget Strategy for the period 2022 – 2024, published on Sunday on the site of the Ministry of Finances.

These sums can suffer amendments, due to the technical adjustments of the indicators established in the reunion ACOR- Estimates, at the moment  the new macro-economic  indicators are estimated by the European Commission and other influences on the domestic and international market’ MF says.

According to the commitments taken through the Treaty for accession to the EU, Romania, as a member state, takes part in financing the EU budget according to the unitary community rules which are directly applicable since the accession date. Thus, starting with 1st January 2007, Romania has ensured the payment of its contribution for the financing of the EU budget in the system of own resources of the community budget.

At the same time, Romania is going to contribute to the European Fund for development with the sum of 100,189 million lei and in 2023 with 74,456 million lei and in 2024 with 64,684 million lei.

According to law no.16/2008, Romania accessed the Agreement, signed in Luxembourg on 25th June 2005, for the amendment of the Agreement for partnership with the members of the group of the states in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP), on the one hand and the European Community and the member states on the other signed in Cotonou on 23rd June 2000. In this context, Romania has contributed to the 11th European Fund for Development (FED 11).