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Romanian products are 30% more in demand than in past years


Romanian products have visibly advanced in the top of customers' preferences – by 30% compared to previous years, both because of the buyers' awareness and the improvement of their quality and way in which they are wrapped, according to a study made by Tara Mea Cooperative.


The study points out that the preferences of Romanians aged between 30 and 50 years, interviewed on the spot about Romanian products have grown, to the detriment of those manufactured abroad.


Passed years have brought the Romanian public to a maturity of thinking and important awareness of the importance of mutual aid. This aspect can be seen today in the Romanians' preferences for Romanian products, with the assumed intention to help their own country and its people. The products which Romanians insist should be Romanian are varied, from sunflower seeds and oil to eggs, cheeses and dairy products, flour and pickles. Canned food climbed in the top, especially the ones with cooked food, maybe because in this segment, Romanian recipes have no competition,” says a press release.


The people interviewed, faithful to Romanian products, unanimously declared there has been a substantial increase of the quality of products, and the way in which they are packed, which starts competing against international brands.


The people's observation is pertinent. Due to efforts made in past years and the fact we succeeded in functioning in a unitary way, this year we succeeded in a spectacular rebranding. We can say, without a lack of modesty, that we have succeeded in bringing this 100% Romanian brand to a level equal to international brands. We enjoy the feedback and the fact that the people are backing us. This is the engine that pushes forward any Romanian brand: the Romanians' support,” said Florin Burculescu, the president of Tara Mea Cooperative.


The study, made on 1,200 buyers, shows the fact that Romanians notice the difference between Romanian products and products made in Romania. Moreover, they want to be correctly and visibly informed and have access to products and 100% Romanian. The reasons invoked are some of the most diverse and more interesting: Romanian pigs must be raised in the Romanian way in order to taste like in our childhood, cabbage and tomatoes must have Romanians seeds, not just be grown on Romanian soil, in order to be authentic, I would like to know if the tomatoes used to make tomato paste come from Romania, etc.


This is a pleasant surprise and a truth. There were cases in which farmers turned toward vegetable varieties coming from other countries because they were more productive.. There were cases in which vegetables 100% Romanian remained unsold because their shape was not as perfect as the foreign ones. It is a joint effort of producers, of the cooperative and also of consumers. It is more expensive, but not impossible to have products with ingredients 100% Romanian, but the question is: will they be bought? We are optimistic following this study and we think that, at this rate, we can develop harmoniously, both as brand and country,” said Florin Burculescu.


Tara Mea Cooperative is the largest farming cooperative in Romania and the only integrated one, with activities from growing vegetables and raising animals to the production of dairy products, canned food, sausages and groceries and has over 1,300 member farmers. Tara Mea products are now available in the hypermarket network Kaufland, Cora and online at emag.ro.