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Study: 61% of Romanians choose to shift jobs for higher wages

61% of Romanians choose to shift jobs for higher salaries and over 80% are constantly looking for new opportunities on job websites according to a study made by D&D Research upon the request of the online  recruiting company Bestjobs, which shows that one of the domains suffering most changes during pandemic was that of recruiting.


One of the fields that suffered most changes due to pandemic was that of recruiting. With a labor market in continuous change for opportunities, work mode and recruiting processes, candidates also develop new mobility tendencies. A study made by D&D Research upon Bestjobs request, on the behavior of candidates and the evolution of labor market, shows that the main reason for which Romanians change their jobs, as 61% of participants declare, is obtaining higher wages,” companies point out.


80.5% of candidates looking for new opportunities choose job websites as main option sources


When speaking about the mobility of employees in the labor market, reasons are different according to specialization level. For white and blue collar jobs, the main reason  determining job changes is that of wages. Employees of that category choose to leave a company when they are not satisfied by relations with co-workers or managers. In exchange, employees in the gold collar category choose to make professional changes when there are differences between personal outlook and values and those of the company, or when they feel the need for professional development and the company cannot offer new challenges.


We see some opinion differences between employee categories, according to their training level – blue collar, white collar or gold collar- but  most Romanians indicate wages as the main criterium for changing jobs and most of them would like to have salaries in  an incipient stage in the recruiting process. Many companies in Romania have already made steps toward transparent salary announcements posted on online recruiting platforms. Employers already using this measure have the benefit of attracting only those candidates  who are willing to occupy those positions,” said Dan Petre, business developer D&D Research.


When they evaluate job websites Romanians look for the number of available jobs in the town where they live (64.5%), the number of jobs in the field of interest (61.8%), the announcement clarity and details (60%) and the number of jobs for the training level (59.5%).


About half of Romanians have noticed that the work level has grown while salaries have stagnated lately.


Participants in the study notice how the pandemic has brought big changes in the labor market, the most important one being the possibility to work from any place, a fact which frees people from commuting worries and the need to find find a job close to one's house.


43.9% of participants in the study noticed how the labor level has grown but salaries remained the same.

The job offer is considered sufficiently sought for, especially by white and gold collar employees. They consider there is a closeness between employment criteria and their training, opposite from blue collar employees who consider that employers' demands are hard to reach.


Moreover, 71.6% of participants notice that job offers are better in certain domains, but 57% consider it is difficult to find a job. Only 31.9% consider that salaries offered are attractive.


The study also shows that young people, especially higher education graduates do not find jobs up to their studies or salary expectations, despite many offers available.

The quality and quantity study about the candidates' mobility behavior and their  perception about the evolution of the labor market was made  by D&D Research upon the request of Bestjobs in August. The quantity study was made online on a representative sample of 1,058 people at national level.


Bestjobs is one of the largest online recruiting platforms in Romania, with over 4.6 million professionals connected to the labor market and over 30,000 jobs and thousands of freelancers, recruiting agents, coaches, mentors, therapists, lawyers and other kinds of specialists.


D&D Research is a team of psychologists and sociologists who analyze social behavior and psychology applications in the business area.