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Study: Only ten European countries have fully provided promised military aid to Ukraine

Overall, Western countries have promised to provide military aid to Ukraine in the amount of EUR 80.7 billion, but currently only ten of them have fully fulfilled the promise, including Latvia, the German newspaper Bild reports, based on a study by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy quoted by https://www.leta.lv/.


Poland leads the way in providing military assistance, having delivered 100 percent of the promised weapons worth EUR 1.8 billion. In absolute numbers, Poland ranks second after the United States, which has currently supplied Ukraine with arms for EUR 2.33 billion, or 38.4 percent of the promised EUR 6.3 billion.


Apart from Poland, Latvia (220 million euros), France (160 million), Italy (150 million), Belgium (80 million), Luxembourg (50 million), Finland (30 million), Slovenia (10 million), Bulgaria (3.5 million) and Austria (3.5 million) have fully fulfilled their obligations.


In absolute terms, the United States and Poland are followed by Great Britain, which has committed to supply weapons to Ukraine for EUR 1.12 billion, but has fulfilled its obligations by 90.7 percent, and Canada, which has supplied 82.5 percent of the promised weapons for EUR 920 million.


Meanwhile, Estonia has delivered 98 percent of the promised armament worth EUR 250 million, Norway - 96 percent of EUR 450 million, Czech Republic 88.9 percent of EUR 260 million, Netherlands - 84.9 percent of EUR 80 million, Lithuania - 82.6 percent of EUR 50 million.


These countries are followed by Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Australia in terms of the relative volume of promised deliveries.


Meanwhile, the leading economy of the European Union (EU), Germany, out of the promised amount of military aid in the amount of EUR 675 million euros, has delivered armaments worth only EUR 269 million euros to Ukraine, fulfilling its obligations by 39.9 percent.


New Zealand (31 percent of EUR 3.6 million) and Greece (5.8 percent of EUR 250 million) provided an even smaller relative amount of aid than promised.

At the same time, South Korea, Portugal, Romania and Croatia have so far not delivered anything promised to Ukraine.