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Study: Romanian employers estimate the lowest employment rate in last two years


About one out of four Romanian employers intend to increase the total number of employees over April and June and only 7% foresee personnel cuts, according to the latest editions of the study Manpower Group about perspectives of labour force employment. However, net employment provisions temporarily adjusted is +10%, the lowest in the last two years.

“Employment prospects in the second semester of 2018 are more modest than in quarter I, 2018 by 5% and by 8% compared to semester II, 2017”, a company press release shows.

From the regional point of view, the strongest employment prospects are reported in the central area, where net employment provision is +17%. Employment prospects in the area are less robust than in the first three months of 2018 and than the ones reported in semester II, 2017, getting down by 2% and 7% respectively.

In fact, employment plans for April-June are lower than those of quarter I, 2018 in 7 of the 8 regions, especially in the North-West, where net employment provision records a considerable decline of 25% from quarter to quarter, reaching +8%.

Compared to quarter II, 2017, the most sudden change of confidence level is reported by employers in the South-Eastern area, where net employment provision for April-June is -1%, 21% lower than last year and by 8% under the one reported in quarter I, 2018.

Employers in the South-Eastern area are the least optimistic in the country, reporting the only negative regional perspective for quarter II, 2018. In exchange, employers in the South-Western area are the most optimistic, reporting a provision of +11%, the second highest in the country and the only regional provision which improves versus reference interval of quarter I and II, 2017.

The most abrupt decline from quarter to quarter is reported in the transport, storage and communications sector, where net employment provision drops by 14% compared to January-March, slipping in the negative area with -5%.

The most sudden drop of optimism from one year to another is reported by employers in wholesale and retail trade sectors, where employment provision of +6% is by 24% lower than the previous year, and drops by 10% compared to quarter I, 2018.

Employers in the extractive industry sector also report a negative provision of -6%, reducing their optimism about hiring personnel both compared to quarter I, 2018 and against last year, having the lowest optimism rate in the country.

Employers in processing industry are again the most optimistic, reporting a net employment provision of +25%, but in this sector employment plans  formulated for quarter II, 2018 are lower than those reported in quarter I, 2018 and quarter II, 2017 by 11% and 7%.

For Romania, the study was made over January 8-18, 2018 on a representative sample of 625 employers. The margin of error was +/- 3.9%.

ManpowerGroup is global leader for solutions about labour force and has been in Romania for 15 years.