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Study: Three quarters of Romanian employees dissatisfied by their job

Three quarters of Romanian employees are not satisfied with their jobs and in case they have to change their career they would choose fields like sales, human resources and logistics, the results of the latest study made by eJobs show.

In fact, in 2018 too, the top of fields preferred by candidates, was dominated by Sales, Logistics, Accounting, Administration/Secretariat, Distribution and Human Resources, despite the hierarchy of the highest salaries, as shown by the HR Review & Trends report made by eJobs.

From this point of view, the most attractive domains are IT, with net average salaries of 5,731 lei at national level, Juridical (4,571 lei), Banking (4,226 lei) and Human Resources (4,048 lei).

According to the study, the main reason which could determine employees to make a change of domain is dissatisfaction for the present job – 76.4% of respondents declare they are not satisfied with their jobs. 34.4% of respondents want to earn more money, 7.5% say  they never liked the field they worked in, while 6% consider their field is no longer in demand.

According to the study, most people (87.6%) would give between 100 and 300 euro for a course offering them abilities needed to obtain a better job, 8.8% would pay between 300 and 500 euro for the same purpose, 2% between 500 and 1,000 euro, while 1.5% are ready to invest more than 1,000 euro for courses of professional reconversion.

Most Romanians (25%) would like to have these courses in a month. It is interesting that people who would rather allocate a longer period of time for reconversion (23.2%) that is 6 months rank second. 15.5% of respondents think that the best period to carry out  such a course is three months, while10.2% consider 6 weeks. The least realistic are 6.6% of people who want to change their professional trajectory in 2 weeks, while 4.5% even a week.

Launched in 1999, eJobs is the first recruiting platform launched in Romania which includes over 4 million resumes, more than 2 million  users monthly, 7,000 resumes updated daily and a about 300,000 followers on Facebook.