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The draft for the combating of fiscal evasion was passed by the parliament


The Deputies’ chamber adopted on Wednesday as a decision-making forum, the draft law for the prevention and combating of the fiscal evasion. The draft says that if one of the defendants pay the prejudice completely plus 20% all the defendants are clean from criminal investigation.

The deputies adopted the initiative with 188 votes’ for’, 38 ‘ against’ and three abstaintees.

Other amendments brought by the adoption of the legislative draft:

‘In the case of the a crime of fiscal evasion included in art.8 and 9 if it is established through decision the obligation of the defendant to cover in one year since the sentence  the prejudice made by the deed, increased by 20% plus interests and penalties the tribunal can dispose once the suspension of the sentence under supervision. If the defendant does not cover the sum within the established time, the suspension of the execution of the sentence under supervision will change into imprisonment. In the case where the degree of fiscal evasion included in art.8 and 9 is justified by such a measure, the tribunal can dispose the payment of the sums included in the article within one to three years, the non-payment will lead to the measures included in the previous article’.

The legislative proposal was passed by the deputies’ chamber as decision-making forum so that it will be sent to the president of Romania for promulgation.



Thursday, December 20, 2018