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Agriculture : Over 1.91 million ha were sown with wheat until 10th November 


The sown surface with wheat has surpassed 1.91 million ha, namely 89.2% of a total programmed for the autumn, of 2.15 million ha, according to the data centralised by the ministry of agriculture and rural development (MADR) until 10th November 2021.

Another 9,000 ha were sown with rye, out of 10,000 ha programmed, 62,000 ha (87.9%) with spike type cereals from a surface programmed of 71,000 ha, 294,000 ha (92.5%) sown with barley, 93% of the 84,000 ha included.

As regards autumn rape, the MADR reports show a total programmed surface of 466,000 ha, the already 413,000 ha being already sown, a percentage of 88.7%.
According to MADR data, the harvest of corn got to 84.9% of the surface, the production until now being 12.14 million tons, sunflower harvest is almost finalised – a production of 3.048 million tons, and the soya beans – 337,345 tons obtained from 94.9% of the surface.

The balance of the summer harvest, according to MADR shows that: wheat – 11.44 million tons of wheat, being the highest production registered since Romania’s accession to the EU. The production is higher by 5.03 million tons against 2020 and with 1.14 million tons against 2019; barley – 1.88 million tons with a growth of 1.06 million as compared to 2020 and almost 500,000 tons over the year 2019 and being, similarly, the highest production registered since 2007 and until the present; sugar beetroot – 542,000 tons, harvest obtained on a surface of 124,000 ha; oat – almost 237,000 tons, on a surface of 93,000 ha.

Similarly, the total production of rape has surpassed this year 1.34 million tons, the average per ha being this year the highest since 2007 and up to the present.

In the agricultural year 2020/2021 there were sown with cereals a total surface of almost 8 million ha, out of which 3.107 million ha in the autumn of 2020, and 4.874 million ha in spring. Although the programmed surface for sowing in the spring of 2021 was 5.4 million ha, only 90.12% was finalized.