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Agriculture: Romania massively imports corn, wheat, potatoes, onion and garlic


Romania, the  country which had the largest corn crop in EU in 2018, increased its corn imports in Q1, 2019 by 17% to 173,170 tons, according to the foreign trade bulletin issued  by the Ministry for Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship.

Romania imported over 173,000 tons of corn, of over 68 million euros, while 149,143 tons of corn of 57.8 million euro were imported in Q1, 2018.

Wheat imports grew by 89.9% to 197,183 tons , of 40.8 million euro.

Other imports of farm produce are increases recorded for potatoes - by 132%, to 65,564 tons, pork meat by 4.73% to 64,243 tons, onion and garlic by 141% to 21,015 tons, chocolate by 20.29% (import of 21,415 tons), cheese by 12.9% to 21,535 tons, other fresh or frozen vegetables by 21% to 25,101 tons, worth 36.9 million tons, fresh or refrigerated tomatoes, increase of 10.8%, live pigs, increase of 20.3%.