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Cars: APIA: Car market in Romania exceeded 156,000 new vehicles in 2017


The number of new vehicles sold in Romania in 2017 grew by 10.2% compared to last year, to 156,527 units, according to APIA (Association of Automobile Producers and Importers) presented on Tuesday, at the press conference devoted to Bucharest International Automobile Salon (SIAB) 2018, organized at Romexpo over March 28- April 1.

Official statistic shows that automobiles recorded a 13.4% increase to 130,414 units. At national level, car sales were, last year, backed by purchases made by companies, their share being 66% of total, compared to 34% for natural persons.

On the other hand,  520,000 second hand cars were registered in 2017, 72% more than in the previous year, with a ratio of 4.9 times between old and new cars.

“This situation is caused, by the elimination of the Environment Stamp as of February 2017. More serious is the fact we are witnessing an increase of the number of vehicles with high pollution level (Euro 3 and Euro 2), which will lead to the deterioration of air quality and negative effects on people’s health in big cities and the reduction of the level of road safety”, the quoted source notes.

In the case of new vehicles (cars+commercial vehicles) Dacia is top leader with 43,262 units, followed by Vorlkswagen (15,636), Renault (12,292), Ford (12,056) and Skoda (11,631). In the category of light commercial vehicles (including minibuses), Ford is the leader with 3,932 units, on the rise by 29.3%, followed by Dacia (3,666 units, +7.4%) and Mercedes (2,198 units, +13.1%).

Dacia is top leader in the classification of automobiles, with 39,596 units (30.4% market share, with volume increase of 11.7% against 2016), followed by Volkswagen (13.969 units, 10.7% market share), Skoda (11,631 units and 8.9% market share), Renault (10,393 units, 8% market share), Ford (8,124 units, 6.2% market share) and Opel (6,543 units, 5% market share).

Dacia Logan is the best sold model in 2017, with 16,198 units, followed by Dacia Duster with 8,659 units, Dacia Sandero (8,465), Skoda Octavia (4,821) and Renault Clio (3,834).

According to the type of fuel, automobiles with gasoline engines, which have dominated the market in Romania, reached a share of 51.6% in 2017, compared to 49.6% at the end of last year.

White and gray continue to dominate colour demand, recording 30.6% and 24.8%of overall preferences. They are followed by blue with 14.6% and black with 10.4%.

According to the cars’ country of origin, the situation is as follows: 28.1% from Romania, 22.4% from Germany, 10.7% from Czech republic, 8% from Spain and 7.3% from Turkey. In this context, compared to 2016, automobile deliveries from local production, grew last year by 11.3%, and the imported ones by 14.2%.