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Infrastructure : About 180,000 Romanians affected by flight cancellations or delays every year


About 180,000 Romanians are affected every year by flight cancellations or delays. The amount of money they lose annually from the compensation rights for canceled of delayed flights they do not request exceeds 35 million euros, according to FlightClaim.ro.

“Every day, 5-6 flights are canceled or delayed in Romania daily, which means that about 500 Romanians are affected. Over 1,000 flights with such problems were recorded in the last 9 months on Romanian airports. The total value of compensations they are entitled to annually exceeds 35-40 million euros,” the press release shows.

“Scared by bureaucracy or difficult procedures, only 10% of Romanians faced with flights with problems claim their rights from air companies, while the rest of 90% give up requesting compensations of 250, 400 or 600 euros, according to the length of the flight,”FlightClaim.ro representatives say, a company registering between 20 and 50 compensation claims from Romanian passengers who want to receive their rights from air companies.

Since the beginning of the year to the present day, most canceled flights were in January, when Romanian airports recorded over 180 flights with at least 3 hour delays or were canceled, and in August when 170 flights were delayed or canceled, especially low cost or charter flights. Some delayed line flights also led to connection losses and many passengers flying to exotic destinations started claiming compensations of 600 euros/person.

Most delayed and canceled flights were recorded by Tarom and by low cost companies Wizz Air, Ryanair and Blue Air, FlightClaim.ro shows. Destinations with most delays were Milan, Madrid, Rome, Larnaca and London.