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Real estate : Customers look for finished dwellings where they can move immediately

Customers who are looking for houses are much more attentive, more documented and prefer those which are complete, where they can move immediately, Ahmet Buyukhanli, general manager Cosmopolis, the largest residential complex in Romania declared for News.ro. He pointed out that the north of Bucharest is the area most in demand and remains the best investment for setting up a family, as it is continuous expansion.

He said Cosmopolis is “a town”, with two kindergartens, a private school, parks, a private beach on the banks of a lake, 24 outdoor swimming pools, football fields and tennis courts, several playing grounds for children and a fitness facility.

Moreover, they are building the first state school within the complex.

“In Cosmopolis we have 4,000 square meters of commercial areas, from supermarkets to pharmacies and from restaurants, coffee shops, fast food, bakeries, cleaner's , petshop and veterinary clinic to beauty salons and ATMs. There are even small businesses opened by   the residents. We can go on with all swimming pools and beach near the lake,” he said, mentioning the customers' wish for variety and recreational activities.