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Telecom. IT: 5G technology familiar to 34% of Romanians


Over a third of Romanians (34%) heard about 5G technology, while about a quarter (22%) know about Internet of Things (IoT), according to a study made by the National Authority for Administration and Ruling in Communications (ANCOM).

In this context, 4% of people own intelligent objects which can be connected, the typical IoT user in Romania being a young person with college degrees, high incomes and living in the urban area.

According to the ANCOM study, 22% of Romanians heard about IoT, people aged between 16 and 30 and 31-45 years being familiar with this concept (over 30%) rather than people over the age of 46 (7-10%).

“IoT is known in households where the monthly income is over 6,000 lei (43%), while in only 14% of households with incomes of 3,000 lei the concept is familiar. Among students and active people (company owners/employees) IoT is better known (28-46%) than among pensioners or jobless people (8%)”, the study shows.

At the same time, 67% of people who use the “Internet of things” bought those objects together with a connectivity component, usually from a mobile phone operator (50%), or from an object supplier (17%), while 24% bought objects and Internet connections separately. Most IoT objects owned by people interviewed are smart watches/bracelets (2%) and TV sets with which other devices (2%) can be accessed and/or controlled.

65% of people who use IoT consider that it is part of personal routine, while 25% think that would happen in the next two years.

For 42% of respondents, the benefits brought by this concept include comfort, followed by personal and family safety (33%), automation of certain activities (20%) and optimization of household consumption (17%). On the other hand, most frequent fears of respondents are: theft or losing personal data (35% of respondents), cost of IoT devices (34%) and affectation of data confidentiality (25%).

The ANCOM study shows the fact that a third of Romanians know about 5G. Once 5G is implemented in Romania, 47% of respondents expect a better national coverage, 31% a higher Internet file download/upload speed and 26% fewer connectivity problems.

ANCOM ordered a market study made by Metro Media Transylvania over October-December 2018 on a sample of 3,066 respondents, of whom 1,461 were IoT users (error margin of 2.6%) and 1,605 were not IoT users (error margin of 2.5%).

 (Source photo: shutterstock.com)