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Tourism : The majority of the Romanians want to travel in the country over the next four months

The majority of the Romanians (68%)want to travel in the country over the next four months but their preferences as regards favourite destinations have changed, and the mountain destinations are, at present, favourite, according to the Travelminit.ro survey on the issue of travelling intentions of the Romanians.

The data of the booking platform show that 40% of the Romanians want a stay in the mountains, 21% of them choose seaside resorts, 20% want a seaside holiday, 12% want a city-break, while 9% are looking for another destination, without specifying its specifics.The votes of the Romanains are a consequence of their constant demand for improvement of the services at the Romanian seaside resorts, a highly debated topic each summer season as well as the authorities and the tourists.

On the other hand, even if they have a travelling plan during the period to come, their intention has not materialized into a booking: only 26% of them say they will book in time for accommodation,while 40% hesitate between planning in time and on the spot improvisation, and 28% consider they are still thinking aobut the destination and duration of the stay. The data show once more the fact that they are more spontaneous as regards the period of the travel, as they are opon to last minute promotions, if they correspond to their budget and their desires.

At the same time 61%of the Romanians want to travel during the summer, the traditional period for holidays, while 10% of them intend to go for  mini-holiday for 1st May and Easter, the rest being for the moment undecided with regards to the date of the holiday.

According to the Travelminit.ro booking platform, the hotel owners prepare for the largest mini-holiday of 2024, especially for the Romanians who have already started to think for the travelling plans for the period between 1st and 6th May and have announced since the beginning of the year that they will bridge between Work’s Day and Easter.

The survey showed the idea price which the Romanians consider they would likely pay for a double room/night: 67.5% consider they would pay between 150 – 300 lei, 15.5% opted for 300-500 lei and the rest chose other tariff options. In reality, these tariffs may be different, sometimes by 5-10% higher in comparison to the option voted by the interviewees, especially for accommodation packages which include meals or supplementary services (such as access to spa or playground, for example).


Similarly, 36.5%  of the tourists intend to choose accommodation in boarding houses, 24% voted for a 1-3 star hotels, 21% want a 4-5 star hotels and 10% choose apartments to enjoy more privacy,  but a reduced price as well. The decision of the tourists for a certain kind of accommodation depends on the following criteria: price (67% of the votes), location (60%), hygiene (59%) and aspect (58%).

Set up in Cluj-Napoca, the Travelminit company has been one of the biggest players on the market for hotel booking in Romania since 2017, with portfolio containing 7,500 accommodation units (hotels, boarding houses, apartments) in Romania. 12 hotel platforms in Central and Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Croatia) with sales of over 200 million euro and over 500 employees.

In 2022, Szallas Group ( including Travelminit) was acquired by Wirtualna Polska Holding, one of the main e-commerce and media companies in Poland, listed on the stock exchange, with headquarters in Warsaw.