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Trade: Study: Six Bucharest stores out of ten have goods stored improperly


In 58% of Bucharest stores, goods are stored in improper conditions, while 67% of employees never ask customers whether they want other products, according to a mystery shopping study made by the market research company VBS- Business Solutions, at the end of March and released on Friday.

The average score obtained by hypermarket chains for services offered, staff attention and kindness, is between 58% and 74%, according to the study. Problems faced by mysterious customers appeared since the first interaction, when in most hypermarkets they found dirty purchase baskets, full of wrappings and rests of food.

The second discomfort concerned the undercover customers’ limited access to certain products, while in 58% of stores the merchandise was stored improperly: some wrappings were open, packs of products were found on lanes and made access to shelves impossible.

As for fresh products, undercover customers found them stored in refrigerators with dirty windows, meat products had been sliced and no longer looked fresh and products were too crowded on shelves and were not organized in subcategories.

Cashiers’ communication abilities and good manners were below standards expected by the mysterious buyers. Cashiers were bored, impolite and a third of them did not even greet the customers.