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Value of agriculture production up 7.2pct in 2018

The value of the agriculture branch production increased in 2018 by 7.2 percent compared to last year, the crop production and the agriculture services registering increases of 11.5 percent, 16.9 percent respectively, whereas the livestock production declined by 2.6 percent, according to the data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on Thursday. 

Thus, the value of the agriculture branch production stood at 86.35 billion lei in 2018 (semi-definitive data), out of which crop production - 61.216 billion lei, 23.9 billion lei livestock production and 1.23 billion lei agriculture services. 

In 2018, the structure of the production value did not show any significant changes compared to the previous year. The weight of crop production stood at 70.9 percent, the share of the livestock production was 27.7 percent and that of the agriculture services 1.4 percent.

The structure of the crop production value, by main groups of crops, shows the following differences compared to the previous year: the share of grain crops increased by 2.3 percentage points and the weight of fruit and grape crops by 1.8 percentage points; the share of the value of olives crops decreased by 1.9 percentage points and the weight of other product groups by 1.1 percentage points. 

In terms of the structure of the livestock production value, it showed the following differences against last year: the share of products obtained from milk processing in livestock farms increased by 2.3 percentage points and the share of fowl by 1 percentage point; the share dropped by 2 percentage points in bovines and 1.3 percentage points in swine.