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ANRE: Price of imported gas to grow by 5 percent in October-December 2013


The price of imported gas will grow to 420 dollars for one thousand cubic metres over October-December 2013, that is, 5 percent from the average level of 400 dollars for which Romania has imported gas in the past three months, according to the data supplied by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE).

The price of Russian gas estimated for the last quarter of this year is slightly higher than the one in the same time span last year, when it was 401 dollars for one thousand cubic metres in October, 416 dollars in November and 412 dollars in December 2012.

'The average price for import considered by the Directorate General for October-December 2013 is 420 dollars/1,000 cu m, that is, 39.81 dollars/MWh. In order to evaluate the cost of imported natural gas the rate exchange valid on September 20, 2013 was considered, namely 3.2838 lei/dollar and thus the result was a price of imported natural gas, included in the calculation, amounting to 130.73 lei/MWh (calculated for a caloric content higher than 10.55 MWh/1,000 cu m),' according to a document issued by ANRE.

The authority calculated these prices after receiving the data sent by companies on the basis of the contracts signed by them for August 2013-April 2014.

The price of domestic gas for household consumers and thermal energy producers will be 49.80 lei/MWh at this time, namely 160 dollars for one thousand cubic metres. The population and the thermo electric power stations will use 95 percent domestic gas and 5 percent imported gas.

For industrial customers the price of domestic gas will be 68.30 lei/MWh, that is, 218 dollars for one thousand cubic metres. For them the consumer basket will be made up of 75 percent domestic gas and 25 percent imported gas.

On October 1 the final price of gas for household consumers went up by 1 percent, whereas industrial customers pay a bill that will be higher by 2 percent.