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CNSP: Construction of Tarnita- Lapustesti hydropower plant compulsory for stability of national power system


Tarnita- Lapustesti hydropower plant with accumulation through pumping is a must for the stability of the national power system and Romania is the only European country without such a plant, according to the study made for the project by the National Commission of Strategy and Prognosis (CNSP).

CNSP will take all necessary measures according to the laws in force to initiate the procedure for the public-private partnership for Tarnita-Lapustesti plant.

In the first stage, CNSP estimates that the investment will cost one billion euro for a capacity of 1,000 MW and the contract will last for 30 years, of which 5 for financial closure, design and execution.

“By building the two new nuclear groups and maintaining a growing trend of production capacities from renewable sources, the construction of a large plant with accumulation by pumping is compulsory for the stability of the power system,” CNSP representatives say, while quoting the National Power Strategy 2018-2030, a document which is still a project.

CNSP says that, on the background of growing investments in solar and wind plants and because groups on coal cannot answer the intermittence of wind and solar radiation, hydropower plants with accumulation through pumping are needed.

“There is no country in Europe which,  while having favourable geophysical conditions did not build at least a pumping plant at the disposal of OTS for the safety of its own power system, including the neighbours Serbia, Bulgaria and Ukraine, but not Romania which lost 20-25 years in the stocking electric power,”the CNSP study says.

The technical evolution of the power sector in Romania may be placed in difficulty on medium and long term because the electric energy market has infrastructure shortages, with no electric power storage capacities, as it has the natural gas market. So a storage capacity of 1,000 MW at Tarnita-Lapustesti is a must to balance the system for 4 to 6 hours.