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Deloitte: the Romanian energy system is not ready for transition


Razvan Nicolescu, senior expert at Deloitte harshly criticized on Tuesday the situation of the Romanian energy system, which, he said in a conference, is affected by a lot of nonsense and is not ready to go in the future. 

"I tell you very candidly: Romania is absolutely unprepared for what follows,it is absolutely unprepared to manage the energy transition. In the last six months I talked to several ministers, prime ministers, heads of companies and know what other countries do, how they try to adjust, as they try to draw benefits from the energy transition. Unfortunately we are absolutely unprepared, we are in a period where our energy system is plagued by populism, it is affected by misunderstood nationalism, that has nothing to do with patriotism. It is affected by a lot of nonsense, "said Nicolescu, former Minister of Energy in 2014.  He criticized the lack of investment and the fact that nothing has been done over the last ten years.  

Razvan Nicolescu was between 2014 and 2016,the Chairman of the Board of the European Agency for Energy Regulation.