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  • All the equipment of the station hes been replaced with modern one, in order to improve the quality of the electricity distribution service for consumers in Orastie and in surrounding localities

  • The transformer station is integrated in the remote control system, and includes equipment for video surveillance, fire and access control 


E-Distributie Banat, the electricity distribution operator part of the Enel group, has invested over 12 million lei for the complete modernization of the Orastie station in Hunedoara county, replacing transformers and high and medium voltage equipment. The investment is part of a larger project to modernize the electricity network in Orastie, which also involved the replacement of underground medium voltage power lines, transformer stations and distribution boxes.


The station is equipped with two transformers with a total installed capacity of 32 Mega Volt Amperes (16 MVA each) and provides power to over 14,000 residential and industrial customers.


The refurbishment project involved the complete modernization of the station by replacing the primary equipment of high and medium voltage, power transformers and the protection cabinets. At the same time, the building where the medium voltage cells and the control room are located was modernized, and the exterior civil constructions were consolidated.


Orastie Station is integrated in the remote control system, which allows E-Distributie Banat to perform fast, remote maneuvers in case of network failures. At the same time, the project involves a completely modernized remote management system for equipment safety and protection, including video surveillance, anti-burglary, fire and access control components.


We continue our investment towards a sustainable energy transition and we come to the support of our customers with modern, participatory electricity distribution networks at European standards. The Orastie modernisation project increases safety in the operation of the distribution network and in the supply of electricity to consumers, reducing maintenance costs and protecting the environment through the use of modern equipment, at high performance standards. The company's investment plan also includes the modernization of the second transformer station in Orastie area, benefitting over 3,000 customers ", said Monica Hodor, general manager of E-Distributie companies.


An important part of the equipment used in the project, such as high circuit breakers and separators, voltage and current measuring transformers 110kV, is manufactured in Romania.


E-Distributie Banat has planned investments of 219 million lei in the modernization and digitalization of electricity grids for this year. Out of this amount, 25 million lei are planned for modernization works of high voltage lines and transformer stations, 38 million lei for the medium voltage lines and substations, and 23 million lei for modernization works and construction of low voltage lines. 


At the same time, E-Distributie Banat plans to replace power lines and continues the implementation of Telecontrol systems. The company will install smart meters for 56,730 customers in the counties of Arad, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara and Timis.


E-Distributie companies in Romania are investing this year 880 million lei, the equivalent of 182 million euros, in modernizing, digitalizing, and expanding the electricity grid in Bucharest and the ten counties across the country where it operates. The investment programs have a direct impact on the grid's ability to distribute energy to new consumers and improve the management of unplanned outages to ensure the safe supply to customers.