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E.ON Energy Romania builds electric power plant of 4 million euros for Azomures


E.ON Energy Romania announced on Tuesday that it would build an  electric power plant of 4 million euros for mineral fodder manufacturer Azomures. The plant will generate 5% of the annual electricity  consumption of the Targu Mures platform.

With a power of 2.65 MW, the plant will cover between 5% and 6% of the electricity needed by the plant. In comparison, the unit could supply energy for over 4,600 families. At the same time, the plant will bring a 4% electricity price cuts for Azomures.


The plant will function with residue steam and will have a generator and full condensation turbine with low pressure steam, manufactured by M+M Turbinen-Technik GmbH, of high efficiency and performance, perfectly adapted to Azomures individual demands.


The project will be initiated in the spring of 2021 and the power plant will be commissioned in the first part of 2022.“We continue to invest in modern technologies to prepare the platform for a sustainable future. We chose to use domestic resources of residual steam and the technology suggested by our partners excellently fitted out project. Once the project is implemented we will be able to get closer to the targets of the Green Deal Program of the European Commission. Azomures has an ambitious long term development plan and remains one of the pillars of Romanian industry,” said Harri Kiiski, general manager of Azomures.


The advantages of steam turbine technology includes: long lasting life, safety of exploitation being a technology that has reached maturity and the possibility to function with any kind of fuel.


The increase of energy independence brings along cost stability, safety in electricity supply, stability and predictability of energy prices. At the same time,the increase of energy efficiency helps reaching sustainability targets by reducing carbon emissions of energy producers and contributed to reaching environment targets. E.ON has a vast international expertise and has personalized solutions of decentralized industrial scale generation, cogenration and trigeneration allowing customers to produce electricity, thermal and cooling agents, thus saving up to 20% of costs.


The company backs customers throughout the project, from planning, design, financing, construction and operation of power plants, company representatives say.

Azomures Targu Mures is the most important producer of mineral fertilizers for agriculture in Romania. The industrial platform is located in the western part of Targu Mures and covers an area of 100 hectares. Azomures produces 1.6 million tons of fertilizers annually, 70% of production being for local farms. Azomures is part of the national chain ensuring Romania's food safety and is part of Ameropa group.


At national level, Ameropa group is one of the main contributors to the state budget.

E.ON Energy Romania, a member of the German group E.ON is an integrated supplier of natural gas, electricity and energy solutions with a varied portfolio of about 3.2 million customers, both residential and companies and municipalities. E.ON group is one of the leaders in the energy market, having in Romania a consolidated presence of 15 years.


Since its entering the Romanian market, E.ON has invested 1.7 billion euros, mainly in network modernization. At the same time, the value of contributions to the state and local budgets amounted to 2.3 billion euros.