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E.ON Romania developed 74 projects for solar energy production in last two years


E.ON has developed in Romania, since 2018 to the present day, 74 project for the production of solar energy for customers from different economy sectors, according to a company press release.

Of them 29 projects were completed and other 45 projects are in varied development stages.


25,000 photovoltaic panels have already been installed for 58 companies from the most performing industries such as automobiles, chemistry and petro-chemistry, food, logistic centers, commercial

centers and office buildings, big retailers, industrial producers from various industries. The overall nominal power of turn key photovoltaic plants offered by E.ON is 6,734 kWp with an annual production of 9,550Mwh per year.


E.ON has almost completed the installment of 16 photovoltaic plants generating 3,750 Mwh annually at Dedeman stores, the national retail leader for building materials and interior design. The installed power will be over 3 Mwp and will ensure 30% of the annual electric energy consumption needed by the stores. Reductions of CO2 emissions are estimated at 1,177 tons per year.


For Bistrita company TeraPlast, the largest Romanian manufacturer of building materials, E.ON has recently completed the installation of of one of the largest photovoltaic energy generation systems set up on roofs in Romania. By means of this photovoltaic energy system, which produces 2,420 Mwh per year, Teraplast will ensure 11% of the electric energy it needs from renewable sources and will reduce CO2 emissions up to 660 tons per year.


Roof systems have a nominal power of 1,936 kWp and 1,600 kWp alternate power. The partnership with Teraplast continues with two new photovoltaic projects, one in Bistrita and another one in Baicoi.


Another example is the partnership with the Valcea company Don Pedro, the second largest tissue paper manufacturer, with 100% Romanian capital, for a generation system of photovoltaic energy, which will produce 767 Mwh per year, representing 25-30% of the energy needed by the company.


Once the projects of the company developed at the present are completed, the total production of photovoltaic energy will reach 20,000 Mwh per year and CO2 emissions will drop by 8,000 tons per year.


E.ON Energy Romania, a member of the German group E.ON is the integrated supplier of natural gas, electricity and energy solutions with a varied portfolio made by 3.2 million clients, bot residential and companies and municipalities.


E.ON group is one of the leaders of the energy market, and has been în Romania for 15 years. Since then,E.ON has invested about 1.7 billion euros, mainly for network modernization. At the same time, the value of contributions paid to the state and local budgets amounts to 2.3 billion euros.