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EC delegation comes for talks on electricity and gas market liberalization


A delegation of the European Commission will come to Romania in December to discuss with Bucharest authorities the liberalization of natural gas and electricity markets, said Zoltan Nagy Bege, the vicepresident of ANRE on Tuesday at a press conference on energy topics.

“We have already sent EC a briefing on the differences between emergency government order 114/2018 and the new European regulations. It would be ideal to obtain an accord for the liberalization calendar suggested with their agreement, to implement the plan for one year and a half and get the answer it is OK what we are doing. A delegation of the European Commission will come in December to discuss about electricity and natural gas,” Bege said.

The new liberalization calendar includes the total liberalization of the gas market by April 1, 2021 and of electricity until July 1, 2021.

Previously, Bege showed that Parliament had ignored for four months ANRE signals that national laws did not correspond to European ones.

Bege showed that measures had to be taken until the end of the ongoing year and there was no time for parliamentary procedure, so ANRE will  modify the secondary law in order to introduce the new liberalization calendar established with EC, according to which the market will be completely liberalized by July 1, 2021.

He added that ANRE stipulated, in the draft law sent to Parliament that the retail market for household consumers will be also liberalized besides the wholesale market until July 1,2021.