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EcoMin Badalau:  Cuprumin and Moldomin are priorities for the ministry of economy: very many had interest to block them


Cuprumin and Moldomin are priorities for the ministry of economy,  they represent 92% of the production of copper of the country, third in Europe as  raw material,and very many had the interest to block them,stated on Thursday at Antena 3 the minister of economy Niculae Badalau.

‘I want to speak about four projects which I have, I hope that two will be accepted (…) they don’t need to be budgeted. Priorities: Cuprumin,Moldomin.Both they represent 92% of the production of copper,somewhere third in Europe as raw material.They are extremely interesting and challenging. Very many had the interest to block them.I am discussing with my team at the ministry,I informed the prime-minister (Viorica Dancila) and she agrees with me, as a whole.I clean it, I place it on the market.And you have investors. At present Cuprumin has a contract where they crush the stone and export it. I don’t want to export raw material anymore.And I place it and manufacture it. (…).But I need siderurgie.I want to say that serious people will come. But we need to be serious in our discussions,to give them something stable and I bring the mine, the ore, they come with the other side. We have an association and we produce (…) 35 million investment,approximately 1 billion euro profit in three years in Moldomin. Cuprumin worked, Moldomin was blocked.And I asked why did you block it? The liquidator, a rather dubious story,rather complicated for some small sums.This is the reserve of the country,it is strategic. We cannot give it,to allow them to come and take it.We need added value for each. It is ok,we win.We want to give what we are giving now,but little quantity, little resource,non-manufactured,we don’t’ gain. We survive’ Badalau explained.

The minister of economy said that,among the projects he has in mind is Remin Baia Mare,three areas for which there is licence and feasibility studies as well as three pools of useless rock in Hunedoara.

‘I still have Remin Baia Mare, three areas with licence, feasibiity studies, gold, silver, lead, etc. The same thing, mining investment, over one billion and a half. Hunedoara: three pools with useless rock, as I don’t have the technology, at present we have in Valea, in Rovina,in Ribita. We have the evaluation for each: 32 million invested 500 million profit’ the minister of economy said.

As regards Rosia Montana, the head of the economy said that ‘ it is a more complicated topic’.

‘There might be some other interests.I have the contract with me.I will have a look. Now it is difficult as it is with the Court of Arbitration’ Niculae Badalau said.