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European Commissioner Vella: People are the cause of climate threats; we have to fix them


Climate threats are caused by people, and that is why we have the responsibility to repair what we have done, European Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella said at the presentation conference of a model of a new centre of excellence in environmental protection.

He said that this is his third visit to Romania, that he came as a commissioner, but he is a friend of Romania. He added that it is an honour to be in such a wonderful building, in the best company one could dream of. Romania, he said, has a long history of culture and history, and today, when Romania celebrates 100th anniversary of its unification, we have to look forward to the future. We are talking about our planet about biodiversity, he said, adding that, unfortunately there are many climate change, marine pollution, water and soil pollution threats, for which the people are responsible. People, he said, are the cause of these threats, they have created these issues and have the responsibility to solve them. He said that was one of the reasons for his visit to Romania, and thanked Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila for collaboration. He added that it is not right for people to expect future generations to solve their current problems. Biodiversity is at risk and, what's more, he added, so is our very existence.

He added that while nature can live well without people, people cannot live without biodiversity.

Vella attended the presentation of the mock-up of the new Centre of Excellence for Environmental Protection on Thursday, when a time capsule was also sealed.

This mid-July, Romania's Environmental Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu and former Defence Minister Mihai Fifor announced at a joint news conference that Romania would host an environmental protection excellence centre under the coordination of the two ministries.

Romania wants this new entity to win NATO accreditation and be affiliated with this international body.

The building of the new centre will be fully ecofriendly and will be located in Bucharest, in the Antiaeriana area, and funds for the construction will be set aside from the budget of the Environmental Fund Administration (AFM).

The centre's funding amounts to approximately 6 million euro, coming from the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of National Defence and grants, and the centre should be built in two years.

According to official data, on January 1, 2018, there were 24 NATO-accredited centres of excellence with 1,226 positions, and 26 of the 29 NATO members are involved in the work of these centres. Also, the number of sponsoring nations of these entities is 21.