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Eurostat: Romania reports lowest price per kilowatt hour of household gas in 2017

In 2017, Romania recorded the lowest price per kilowatt hour of household gas among the EU member states, according to data released on Tuesday by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat).

For the first time, Eurostat is publishing prices for electricity and natural gas that are fully comparable across countries. The prices for electricity and gas in the EU can vary according to a range of supply and demand conditions, including the geopolitical situation, the national energy mix, network costs and weather conditions.

The price per kilowatt hour of household gas is generally lower than the price of household electricity and in 2017 ranged from 3 cent (Romania) to 12 cent (Sweden). In most of the 21 Member States that were able to provide the data, the price was below 8 cent per kilowatt hour.

The price for electricity per kilowatt hour paid by households varied between 10 cent (Bulgaria) and 28 cent (Belgium). In the vast majority of the countries the price was between 10 and 20 cent per kilowatt hour. In Romania, it was 12 cents.