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First solar cells of 3rd generation based on carbon nanotubes, made by Romanian researchers


A team of Romanian researchers from the Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology of Bucharest Polytechnics University, headed by Prof. Doctor Marius Enachescu, have made, as a first in Romania, solar cells of third generation based on carbon nanotubes in own laboratory and with own equipment.

According to a press release from the Bucharest Polytechnics University remitted to AGERPRES on Thursday, under the project financed with European funds, tubes were made, 40,000 times thinner than a single hair, their ability to conduct electricity being 1,000 times higher than of copper and having about the same hardness as diamond, but also a mechanical resistance of about 14 times higher than Kevlar.

By using mostly these unique techniques in Romania, in running research activities needed to attain the project targets, it was possible to get some scientific results of the highest scientific value, not only at national level, but also internationally, says the quoted source.

Among the results obtained there are determining at nanoscale the angles of wetting by nanodrops of fluid, via SPFM technique (Scanning Polarization Force Microscopy) and determining their spatial distribution, characterization of the corrosion effect at micro and nanometric scale, via SPFM technique, making a varied range of carbon nanostructures through pulsed laser ablation technique, namely: graphene, nano-onions and single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), implementation of solar cell generation 3rd, start of the patent obtaining process of the design of ablation chamber destined to carbon nanostructures growth, using excimer laser ablation technique (originally short for excited dimer).