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Green energy producers propose 35% share of renewable energy in Romania by 2030


The Employers’ Organization of Renewable Sources of Energy in Romania (PATRES) expresses its deep concern over the decisions of the Romanian authorities regarding the future of renewable energy in Romania, as reflected by the draft National Energy and Climate Plan, romania-insider.com informs.

The European Commission will most likely recommend to Romania to revise its Energy Strategy and the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan in order to achieve a renewable energy share of at least 32% (versus 27.9% as envisaged in the draft Plan sent by the government to the EC). PATRES proposes 35% share of renewable energy in Romania by 2030, slightly above the 32% overall target set for whole EU.

The European Commission published on November 28 the long-term strategy for de-carbonising the EU economy, a strategic vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive, climate-neutral economy by 2050 – “A Clean Planet for All “. The priority objective is full de-carbonisation of the electricity generation sector and Romania, as a European country, will have to eventually comply with this, PATRES stressed. By 2050, Europe will have to quit fossil fuels completely in electricity generation and rely on 80% of E-RES.