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Greenpeace: the thermal power stations on coal in Romania are outdated and inefficient


In the next four years, the thermal power stations of Romania will have to invest millions of euro to modernise the systems of purifying the burning gases and the residual waters, shows Greenpeace, in  a press release which considers that the thermal power stations on coal are outdated and very inefficient.

Romania has two big state-run companies which produce electricity on coal: The Oltenia unit – on lignite and the Hunedoara unit on coal.

Both companies have big production costs by comparison to the other energy producers of Romania and they have big financial difficulties.

Starting  with 31 July, the most polluting electrical power stations of Europe, including many thermal power stations on coal from Romania have to invest in depolluting or to close down, as a result of the new EU norms.

‘Until now, the majority of the thermal power stations of Romania got exemption from the standards, as they were allowed to pollute up to ten times more than the legal norms’ Greenpeace says.

The national governments have at least four years to decide how much pollution they intend to accept, but anybody who tries to negotiate an exception from the new rules will understand they they are interested not n clean air and the health of the population but their own profit.

‘In Romania, the thermal power stations on coal are outdated and very inefficient. Tens of millions of euro, necessary to get them according to the standards can be used by the energy companies much better: to build renewable energy sources, which are modern and clean,  and increase the energy security, generate many orders for the engineering companies of Romania and implicitly several work places. Not to forget that we will breathe cleaner air’ Alin Tanase, coordinator of campaigns in Greenpeace Romania said.