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Hidroelectrica: Romania will not reach renewable target for 2030


The intention of the Water Ministry to forbid building hydropower plants at heights between 800 and 1,500 m will have huge impact on Hidroelectrica activity and Romania will not reach the renewable energy target for 2030, said Bogdan Badea, the general manager of Hidroelectrica.

“We will analyse the way in which existing installations are affected and we estimate that the impact is very big, when most large accumulations are at over 800 m altitude,” Badea showed.

According to him, even the project of Tarnita-Lapustesti hydropower plant with accumulation through pumping, considered as strategic objective in the ruling program, will be affected by the application of this provision.

Badea added that in this way the renewable energy target for 2030, imposed by the European Parliament will be jeopardised, as hydro energy is the only possibility to reach that target.

“A serious analysis should be made, as these targets are mandatory and very ambitious,” Badea added.

Water Ministry representatives say provisions of the decision will have to be included in Romania’s Energy Strategy 2016-2030 with prospects for 2050.

Although Romania has already reached the renewable target for 2020, the European Parliament adopted new green energy targets this year - 35% for 2030.

For Romania, this renewable energy target may be 31-32% for 2030, which is a significant figure compared to 24% for 2020, according to the statement made by Zoltan Nagy-Bege, the vicepresident of ANRE.