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IRE calls on all relevant associations to work together for energy sector

The Romanian National Institute for the Study of Energy Sources and Use - IRE, Romania's representative at Eurelectric - the Union of Electricity Industry, calls for mobilization on all relevant associations to work together for the energy sector because they believe that a common voice is stronger and better heard at the level of decision makers.

"We are experiencing a complicated period worldwide. Climate change, which we all feel, is seen as one of the greatest global threats today and the energy sector is one of the main polluters, being one of the major sources of gas greenhouse effect, which are the determining factors of climate change. Therefore, at the level of the European Union, the spearhead in tackling the causes of climate change, decisions have been made and decisions are taken on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with a decisive impact on the European and, obviously, Romanian energy sector. Additionally, internally, we are going through a difficult period of time for many companies in the energy field. Emergency Ordinance 114/2018, recently amended by another one, OUG 19/2019, and the avalanche of related secondary regulations, have disturbed the energy market players. This is why I believe they need to be very well represented in front of the European and Romanian authorities, to promote their interests and needs. Together, more active and more determined, we are making things happen so as to bring about changes in the Romanian energy sector and not only," said Corina Popescu, IRE President.

She pointed out that IRE wants to reinvent itself and to position itself alongside other active industry associations.

As a member representing Romania in Eurelectric - Union of Electricity Industry, IRE has the advantage of being the binder, the communication channel between the Romanian business environment and the European Commission. The representatives of the organization pledge to send the message of the Romanian energy sector to the European Commission.

Early this year, specialists from member companies of the IRE were nominated to be part of Eurelectric working groups, where topics of interest are studied, research and surveys are carried out, which are reflected in position papers useful to all EU member states, as well as the European Commission and DG Energy.

IRE was set up on 26 June 1926 to promote the interests of its members in its relations with the public authorities, the civil society, similar associations in the country and abroad, with the various institutions with interests in the field of energy. IRE is the only representative of Romania at Eurelectric. Since 2002, it has been full member of Eurelectric, in which quality it can express its views on the consultations defining the future of the energy industry in Europe.