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Jan - Nov 2020 final electricity consumption drops 4 pct YoY


Romania's final electricity consumption over January - November 2020 amounted to 48.4 TWh, by 4 percent less from the same period of the year before, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) informed today.

Public lighting consumption dropped 12.2 percent, household consumption went up 4.3 percent and electricity consumption in the economy fell 6.3 percent.

Electricity exports were 40 percent higher in the reporting period, INS said.

The total power output was 6.5 percent down, with the most severe decline in hydropower output (-13.5 percent); conversely, the wind power output increased 1.9 percent, and the solar energy output was 2.9 percent higher.

Primary energy sources over January - November 2020 totalled 28.473 million tons of oil equivalent (toe), by 3.638 million toe less YoY. Electricity resources amounted to 57,640 million kWh, by 1,005 million kWh less from the same period of 2019.