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 Magnesium and graphite mines reopening process could begin in 2023

The process of reopening the magnesium and graphite mines could start in 2023, with certain conditions regarding the quality of the graphite mines, Economy Minister Florin Spataru announced on Tuesday.

"We intend to finalise the approval of these normative acts by the end of the year, so that the actual investments can be made starting with 2023. For this we are discussing with the European Commission, to find the necessary resources through European funds for refurbishment," said Florin Spataru, at the conference "Romania and the top industries: How we can use the opportunity of the accelerated reset of the European economy".

The Economy Minister specified that the graphite mines are reopening with certain conditions regarding the quality of this graphite.

He stressed that the reopening of these mines and their refurbishment is a long process.

At the same time, Spataru explained that the industrial policy has been revised at the EC level.

"137 critical raw materials on which the European Union is dependent have been identified, taking into account the objectives it has set, in terms of mobility and decarbonisation. Romania has some of these resources, which we have exploited for years, and after that, we closed the mines. For economic reasons, I do not comment on what happened, because this did not only happen in Romania," Florin Spataru added.

According to him, one of the raw materials is magnesium, a very important element for aluminum production and for the automotive industry.