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Minister Tudose: We want to transform Romania in an energy hub in the Balkans


The authorities want to transform Romania in an energy hub in the Balkans with the help of Transgaz and Transelectrica companies, announced, on Thursday, when taking office, the new Economy Minister, Mihai Tudose. 

"We already established for the next week a meeting with the Defence Minister in order to come to an agreement on the situations of the Romanian Army and the production capacity of the Romanian defence industry. In the shortest time we will present an analysis on the situation and a plan of measures for transforming Romania - based on the two giants of the economy Transgaz and Transelectrica - into an energy hub in the Balkans. It is a pity not to use the resources which we have", Tudose said. 

He specified that he wishes Romania not to export anymore copper ore, but copper plates. 

"We will act according to the governing program on all that refers to non-energy mining, not to export copper ore and try to produce copper plates, thus the finite product. We have the richest resource of mineral water in Europe and we do not know how to use it efficiently. Together with SMEs we will act on the area of competitiveness because here we have a problem if we want to capture the external markets. Among the priorities there are also all the problems which we have with closing the mines where days of hardship are awaiting us, also from the European point of view, having a lot of pressures to close them. Let's not forget Oltchim and other similar situations where things must be finalized with success from the economic point of view, as well as from the social point of view because there are thousands of people who have jobs there", Economy Minister said.