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Nuclearelectrica signed a contract with SDEE Electrica for the  wholesale sale of electricity worth 27.35 million lei

The National Society Nuclearelectrica signed with Societatea Distributie Energie Electrica Electrica Romania a contract worth over 27.35 million lei for the wholesale sale of electricity for the period 1st January – 30th April 2022 according to a report of SNN sent to the Stock Exchange Bucuresti.

According to the contract, SDEE Electrica must constitute guarantees worth 14.108 million lei. If the guarantee is not paid, this means that the contract does not come into force and leads to the obligation of the buyer to pay to the seller a damage worth the value of electricity for 31 days, namely 7.068 million lei.

The contract was given by bidding on PCCB-LEFlex (method of trading on the Centralised Market of Bilateral Contracts, according to which the contracts are offered by extended bidding, with the possibility of several offers on both sides and the use of products which may ensure the flexibility of trading).

In case of delay of payment, the penalties for every day of delay, corresponding as percentage to the interest due for the non-payment on time of the obligations to the state budget, will be calculated starting with the day immediately after the deadline and to the date of payment of the due sum.

In case of cancellation, the guilty party for the cancellation of the contract will pay damages worth 13.68 million lei, the contract says.