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Ponta: Chinese investments in energy are going to amount to over 7 billion euros

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that the Chinese investment level in Romania in the energy area was going to amount to over 7 billion euros following the agreements signed between the two states these days in Bucharest and added that the visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang also meant a thrust of confidence and hope for Romanians.

'We signed for investments in the energy sector, group 3 and 4 of Cernavoda, worth about 4 - 4.5 billion euros, Tarnita, a new power plant we need to balance the energy consumption is an investment accounting for over one billion euros. Rovinari, the coal power plant, a new group, which means another billion dollars, I think. And it is about a 300-400 million euro investment in renewable energy. Therefore all four types of energy,' Ponta told Antena 3 private television channel.

About the fast train project, the Premier pointed out that the Chinese side came with the proposal to promote their new technology in terms of high speed trains and said that for start there would be a pilot project accounting for 500 million euros.

He also mentioned the Chinese investments agreed in the IT area, which would create jobs for over 1,200 Romanian specialists.

Victor Ponta labelled the visit of the Chinese delegation headed by Premier Li Keqiang also as 'a thrust of confidence the Romanians very much need.'

'I shall say the same each time: Romania has an extraordinary natural, human potential, we are lacking confidence. (...) I believe that what is left from these three days of visit of the Chinese Prime Minister in Romania is the hope that, yes, we can also have significant investments, yes, we can be again a country respected all over the region,' the Prime Minister asserted.

In regards with the fears voiced by certain figures of the domestic politics or analysts concerning the creation of some too tight relations with China, Ponta said that the big political leaders of the western world, such as US President Barak Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or the French President, often visited China and the states they ruled had established economic relations based on contracts worth tens of billions euros.

'If together with the funds we have, together with the companies we have and are welcome, Dacia Renault, Ford, Pirelli, Daimler, we also have Chinese companies I am very glad. There are Chinese companies investing in America or in France, why not having them in Romania, too?,' the Premier said.