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  • During 1.I – 31.I.2019, primary energy resources increased by 0.5%, while those of electricity decreased by 3.7% as compared to the same period of previous year.

The main primary energy resources during 1.I.-31.I.2019 amounted to 3054.6 thousand tonnes oil equivalent1 (toe), increasing with 14.0 thousand toe as against 1.I.-31.I.2018. Domestic production amounted to 1713.4 thousand toe, decreasing with 123.8 thousand toe as against the same period of previous year, while import amounted to 1341.2 thousand toe.

During this period, electric energy resources amounted to 6044.5 million kWh, decreasing with 229.4 million kWh as compared to the corresponding period of 2018.

The thermal power stations production amounted to 2644.5 million kWh, decreasing with 322.0 million kWh (-10.9%).

The hydroelectric power stations production was 986.4 million kWh, decreasing with 271.3 million kWh (-21.6%), while the one of nuclear power stations was 1026.5 million kWh, decreasing with 7.4 million kWh (-0.7%).

The production of wind power stations during 1.I.-31.I.2019 was 805.6 million kWh, increasing with 129.5 million kWh, while photovoltaic solar energy produced during this period was 46.2 million kWh, decreasing with 26.2 million kWh as compared to the corresponding period of 2018.

The final consumption of electric energy during this period was 5076.6 million kWh, by 3.0% higher as against the corresponding period of 2018; public lighting decreased by 0.3%, while population consumption increased by 14.6%.

The export of electric energy amounted to 235.2 million kWh, decreasing with 381.1 million kWh. The own technological consumption in networks and stations amounted to 732.7 million kWh, increasing with 5.6 million kWh