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Primary energy resources up 10.1pct in 8 months; electricity consumption higher by 6.2pct


Romania's primary energy resources increased by 10.1% in the first eight months of the current year, compared to the similar period in 2020, and those of electricity increased by 8, 4%, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), on Tuesday.

In the same reference period, in Romania, the final electricity consumption was 37.102 billion kWh, 6.2% higher compared with the same period of 2020, and public lighting decreased by 1, 2%, while population consumption increased by 8%.

According to official statistics, the main primary energy resources over January-August 2021 totaled 22.596 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe), increasing by 2.073 million toe compared to the same period last year.

In this context, domestic production amounted to 12.415 million toe, by 532,500 toe more than in the first eight months of 2020, and imports totaled 10.181 million toe.

According to the INS, compared to the reference period, the electricity resources stood at 45.140 billion kWh, increasing by 3.487 billion kWh, compared to the same period of 2020.

At the same time, the production from thermal power plants was 14.402 billion kWh, increasing by 1450.7 million kWh (+ 11.2%).

Also, the production from hydropower plants was 13.187 billion kWh, increasing by 2.663 billion kWh (+ 25.3%), and that of nuclear power plants was 7.257 billion kWh, down 106.1 million kWh (-1.4%).

Official statistics show that the production of wind power plants in the period from January 1 to August 31, 2021 accounted for 4.125 billion kWh, down 570 million kWh from the same period last year, and solar energy produced in photovoltaic installations in this period was 1.289 billion kWh, down 12.4 million kWh compared to the corresponding period of 2020.

In terms of exports, the amount of electricity exported was 4.307 billion kWh, increasing by 1.029 billion kWh.

At the same time, own technological consumption in networks and stations was 3.731 billion kWh, increasing by 278.1 million kWh.