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Romania has sufficient energy renewable sources, consider 65% of the citizens


Romania has sufficient energy renewable sources, consider 65% of the citizens, according to a sociological research in the project ‘ Sustainable Romania’ which shows the way in which the public opinion considers the sources of green energy and the way they evaluate access to energy services.

The indicators refer to the Objective for Sustainable Development ODD7 ‘ Clean energy and accessible prices’in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Romania 2030.

The largest part of the consumers in Romania consider that electricity supply is satisfying and 89% consider themselves as ‘ very’ or ‘satisfied enough’.

According to a press release of the Department for Sustainable Development in the Romanian government, the citizens are preoccupied by the drop in energy consumption, especially from the perspective of diminution of expenses. In this sense, 83% use eco light bulbs, as well as eco household appliances.

The results of the survey showed an openness towards the idea of clean energy and/or renewable, they showing, in majority the availability to change to such energy sources. Moreover, 65% of the citizens consider that our country has sufficient renewable energy sources, and 33% would prefer to use solar energy.The results of the barometre show that 63% of the households are thermally isolated.

Romania is 10th in Europe as regards the consumption of green energy and reached before, even surpassed by five years the target established by the European Union for 2020 as regards the share of renewable energy, says the press release. On the other hand,meeting the European targets regarding the reduction of carbon emissions by 55%until 2030 needs efforts at national level, as the energy system relies on fossil fuels.

The opinion barometre was made in the project SIPOCA 613 ‘ Sustainable Romania’ – development of the strategic and institutional framework for the implementation of national strategy for sustainable development of Romania 2030, implemented by the Department for Sustainable Development in the Romanian government.