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Romania should reach 4 GW installed power in photovoltaic panels in 2024

The power installed in photovoltaic parks in Romania will double, in 2024, and will exceed 4 GW, according to the estimates of a domestic start-up active in the energy field.

"Next year, Romania could have an installed power of 2,000 new MW from photovoltaic panels alone, almost as much as three nuclear reactors from (southeast) Cernavoda (single nuclear power plant so far, ed. n.). The pace of development and investments in this field is accelerating, in the context in which our country is in an early stage. By comparison, Romania would reach, in 2024, 4 GW installed power in photovoltaic panels, while Germany has already reached approximately 70 GW. It is little by comparison, but it shows the huge development potential of this field in Romania," explained Stelian Muscalu, development director at ECITIM.

According to the specialists, in 2023, solar panels with a power of over 1,000 MW were installed, which totaled investments of approximately one billion euros, and a significant contribution to this amount came from the state, through the Photovoltaic Green House program.

The ECITIM company, through the EnergiePentruToti.ro platform, offers "end-to-end" management for solar energy investment, simplifies the purchase of energy packages, ensures easy payments and legal compliance.