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Romgaz wants to invest over 136 million euro in the gas deposit in Sarmasel


The state-run company Romgaz, one of the two big gas producers wants to invest 136.15 million  euro in the gas deposit in Sarmasel, to increase the storage capacity of natural gas, shows the Action Plan regarding measures to guarantee the security of natural gas supply, published by the ministry of energy.

Sarmasel has a storage capacity of 900 million cubic metres.

The document shows that other 87 million euro will be invested in the development of the private storage house for natural gas Depomures, owned by Engie and Romgaz, which at present has a capacity of 300 million cubic metres.

‘Among the projects of common interest promoted by Romania,included in the EC on the III list (2017) in the sector of natural gas, there are projects of investments with the purpose of growing the capacity of storage  of natural gas, projects promoted by Romgaz and Depomures: the increase of the capacity for storage of natural gas in the Sarmasel storage house, the storage house in Depomures’ the plan says.

Connected to the project regarding the increase of the capacity for underground storage of gas in Sarmasel, the date estimate for the putting to work of the place is April 2024.

The estimated value of the project, including the inactive stock of gas us 136,15 million euro, supported from their own sources (25%) and the rest  from  other sources ( banking loans and EU funds ).

The lauching of the bid for the contract of services for the study of feasibility is February 2018 to start in May next year.

As regards the project for the development of the storage house Depomures, this has the purpose of increasing the volume of the underground storage house up to 600 million cubic metres in two stages,  the modernisation of the present infrastructure for the storage of natural gas.

The project has a finalising term 2022.

Romgaz operates six deposits at national level with a total capacity of 2.92 billion cubic metres, and owns a package of 41% of the Depomures operator ( capacity of 0.3 billion cubic metres)in association with  Engie.