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Searches at companies in field of wind energy

 The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Suceava prosecutors started to make searches at headquarters of two companies in Bacau county with activities in the field of wind energy in a case about suspicions on embezzling European funds with prejudices of 2 million euros.

“The prejudice in this case is about 2 million euros. The exact amount will be established following evaluations on materials found with companies in Bacau,” said DNA spokesperson Livia Saplacan.

According to investigators, the beneficiary of European funds for wind parks had carried out activities through intermediate firms in Bacau.

“Referring to the purchase of wind turbines made by Aida SRL, we mention that investigations showed that some of the purchases were made from Electro Metal company at the price of 43,400 lei according to the invoice of November 29, 2011 issued by Kokotas Nicol SRL. Some of the goods were bought by Electro Metal from Alternative Pure Energy,” sources said.

According to them Electro Metal delivered to Kokotas Nicol company electric equipment of 156,000 lei (59,197 purchases from Alternative Pure energy, 96,915 purchases from Electrovolt). The goods were not sold again and there were no documents proving the debt was recovered, a fact creating doubts about the reality of those commercial relations.

The company Aleternative Pure Energy carried out direct commercial relations with Aida SRL, while Electro Metal and Kokotas Nicol were used as screen companies.