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Sutech, Condmag and Inspet got contracts of more than 58 million lei for SNGN Romgaz

The association made up of SC Sutech SRL Medias, SC Condmag SA and SC Inspet SA will make and put to work the unit for natural gas compression in Roman for SNGN Romgaz – Medias, the value of the contract being 58.4 million lei, according to an announcement of Condmag Brasov published on the site of the BVB.

The duration of the work execution is 15 months since the beginning of the works.

According to the agreement of association the shares in the execution of the work will be established after the signing of the contract with the authority.

‘On 9 August 2013 was recorded with Condmag SA Brasov the contract for works signed between SNGN Romgaz SA – Medias having the quality of acquirer and the association made up of SC Sutech SRL Mures, - leader, SC Condmag SA Brasov – associated and SC Inspet SA Ploiesti – associate, with the purpose of execution, finalisation and putting to work the ‘ The compression unit for natural gaz Roman’ worth 58,406,565 lei, plus VAT’ the press release sent to BVB says.

Condmag operates in the domain of construction of oil and gas pipes, transport pipes, in the sector of connections to wells,compression units, gas distribution grids. Condmag builtover 85% of the natural gas transport grid in Romania with a total of 12,000 km. Abroad, the company made together with Rompetrol assembly works of almost 620 km in Jordan, the former Yugoslavia and Turkmenistan.

Principalii clien?i ai companiei sunt Transgaz, Romgaz, E.ON Gaz România, Distrigaz Sud, Petrom, Consilii Locale, Prim?rii ?i Prefecturi.

The main clients of the company are Transgaz, Romgaz, E.ON Gaz România, Distrigaz Sud, Petrom, Local councils, town halls and county councils.