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The energy programme for the winter 2017 – 2018 costs 3.5 billion lei


The winter programme in the energy sector will need a total financing of 3.5 billion lei out of which 3.1 billion lei for the fuel necessary for the production of energy between 15 November 2017 – 15 March 2018 and 412 million lei for the works of repair of the units, according to the draft decision of government initiated by the ministry of energy.

Thus, the authorities show that the necessary stocks would be constituted until the 15th November 2017 for the good operation  of the activity once the cold season starts: coal in the thermal power units – 1.3 million tons, coal in quarries – 500 million tons, coal – 332 million tons, oil – 26.5 million tons.

At the same time, the volume of water in lakes should be 1.4 billion cubic metres ( estimated by the Romanian Waters) namely the equivalent of the production of electricity of 1.6 million MWh (estimated by Hidroelectrica).

It is also necessary to have a stock of natural gas in the underground  warehouses at the end of the storage cycle 2107 of 2.2 billion cubic metres (estimated by Transgaz).

As for the financing of the winter programme, the initiators of the  project show that the total necessary for the acquisition of fuel is 3.1 billion lei (2.5 billion lei for the producers under the ministry of energy and 569 million lei for those under local authorities) plus 412 million lei for repairs.

The representatives of the ministry explain the fact that the necessary of fuel is fundamented on prognoses which  show a growth of 1.1 % of the average consumption of electricity for the period 15 November 2017 – 15 March 2018, as compared to the previous  cold  season.

‘Taking into consideration the consumption of electricity between the 1 January – 1 September this year of the lack of existence of signals regarding the apparition of new economic units with relevant consumption of electricity  of the DEN scenary (the National Energy Supply) which takes into consideration  a correction of the influence of the average temperatures lower by 1.-2 degrees Celsius, the estimate of average growth taken into consideration for the period 15 November 2017 – 15 March 2018 is of 1.1% against the similar results of the winter programme of previous year’ according to the document.

Thus, the quantities of fuel included in the fuel balance were estimated to face an average increase against last year up to 1.1% of the electricity consumption, as the hydro prognosis as well as the conditions of the thermal power stations which function on coal will be supplied with the necessary quantities in due time.

‘ In  order to have the coal storages, at least at the level of the values included in the present programme it is necessary that all exploitations and coal deposits including the UMC Resita storage be functional, and the railway transport between the quarries and the power stations be right’ the draft includes.

At the same time, three producers of energy in cogeneration which use natural gas can use  fuel oil. It is about Electrocentrale Bucuresti, Electrocentrale Galati and  Veolia Energie Prahova (CET Brazi).